Featured Poker Refugees Reviews of the Month: December 2015

The Poker Refugees & Sports Refugees teams have relocated over 521 professional online gambling professionals since 2011 to as many as 25 different countries. We welcome feedback and testimonials from our clients and are happy to share them with the community. Here are some Poker Refugees Testimonials collected during December, 2015!

Poker Player, Poker Refugees, Swieqi, Malta: 
Kristin was fantastic in regularly advising me on what I needed to do to relocate smoothly to Malta from the UK.

She also helped with everything I needed to organise once I had arrived in Malta, such as opening a bank account, buying a car and ensuring that I had a stable internet connection.

I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who was considering relocating to play poker in another country. -John N

Sports Bettor, Sports Refugees, Jaco, Costa Rica
Wow, what an epic 7 day journey that was! 

Six months ago I came across Poker Refugees when I was searching for ways to open multiple sports betting accounts such as (Bet365, Pinnacle, The Greek etc). I reached out to Kristin to learn more about her brand and everything she had to offer when it came to helping me get set up with hose accounts. After speaking with her briefly via email I learned that she was a relocation specialist and has helped many poker players and sports bettors relocate over the years. 

Over the next 5 months I contemplated all of the pros and cons of following my dream of being a professional sports bettor who had to live in another country. Finally after much consideration, I decided that I could not take it anymore and need to get on the sites that offered me so many more betting options than what I was getting in the US. I called Kristin back up and asked her what it would take to get me set up in Costa Rica in a week. She laughed, and said no problem. So I moved forward and joined the team.

The next 7 days was a complete whirlwind, in the sense that moving to another country that you have never been to, on 7 days notice is no joke. However, Kristin and her whole team made this process so easy on me that I feel like we have been planning this move for two years! At no point in the 7 days of my relocation did I ever feel like she wasn't in control of the situation, and knew EXACTLY what she was doing. She helped with everything from finding a condo on the beach in my price range, setting up all travel, bank account, multiple sports betting sites with a VIP no limit Skrill account, phones, drivers,and so much more. She is still here to help me with any and all questions I have in my new environment here in Costa Rica. 

I will for sure introduce Kristin to a whole group of people who I know want to live the life of a traveling sports investor, and I am confident that she will be connected to us for the years to come as we continue on our journey that we have dreamed about for so many years. 

Thank you for all you do Kristin and the whole Poker Refugee team! I don't know if it would have been possible to make this dream a reality with out all of your help. -Cheers, Pat M, Costa Rica

Poker Player, Poker Refugees, Jaco, Costa Rica
There were a few speed bumps in moving here but Kristin was dedicated and made sure that everything would be completed. It speaks volumes of someone's character when things don't go as planned and they are still able to come through. I really appreciate [Poker Refugees'] help. -John F

Poker Player, Poker Refugees, Malta:
I loved the service. Made moving here really easy for me and allowed me just to focus on poker. Kristen was so nice and helpful during every phase very helpful I chose to use Poker Refugees. -Ian 

Poker Player, Poker Refugees, Cuenca, Ecuador:
I was very pleased with the whole package.  Kristen and Cristina were both very friendly and helpful.  I would have been completely lost doing this on my own.  It is a great value for the money! -Mara P

Want to move for online poker or relocate to be a sports bettor? Then you will have your own story to tell! 

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