Best Countries to Play Online Poker: Part 1, Developed Countries Edition

Really, what are the best places to play online poker from? 

Mobile Office - Photo: Kristin Wilson

So you want to play online poker - good call (no pun intended). Now what? 

Well, first, you need some money saved up. 

Then, you have to decide where to move. 

Online poker players, sports bettors and all sorts of “digital nomads” have been traipsing the globe since laptops became a thing. But - we all know that this question of where to live became much more important (for ‘Mericans at least) after a day we like to refer to as “Black Friday”. And we all know why.  

Moving on: But what if you aren’t American? Maybe you are from Europe or Bangladesh or South Africa. Maybe gaming legislation doesn’t affect you. Maybe you don’t have to move, maybe you just want to. And that’s okay. You're welcome here too. 

Here at Poker Refugees, we happen to help online poker players move around the world for a living, so we are pretty good at it. We know a thing or two about the pros and cons of where to live and why (especially from the perspective of an online gambler). Our founder, Kristin, has been living abroad for half of her life and has been to more than 35 different countries. We spend day in and day out helping hundreds of poker players migrate around the globe. We spend our free time researching countries or living in them. We are veritable experts on this topic. 

Now - "where to live" is a loaded question to answer because everyone is different and there is no one-size-fits all answer. But there are a few favorites that tend to work for most players at least once. 

We are going to split this list into 2 parts because you can’t really compare apples to oranges, right? Someone who fantasizes about living in the heart of London in a Kensington loft might not feel as strongly about, say, living in a Mexican fishing village on less than <$1k per month. So, we have: 

-Best developed countries for online poker (part I)
-Best developing countries for online poker (part II) - coming soon
-Bonus: Worst countries for online poker (part III) - coming soon 

(Note on methodology: These countries were chosen based on a super secret, non-scientific algorithm involving location, infrastructure, safety, cost of living, convenience, and most of all, our opinion.)

Best developed countries to play online poker from: 

Sydney Harbour Bridge - Photo: Kristin Wilson

5) Australia: If time zones aren’t an issue for you, come on down unda, mate! Australia is pretty rad and has many of the things an online poker player could be looking for: 
Just another sunset in Australia - Photo: Kristin Wilson
Next up: 

Hello, Vancouver
4) Vancouver, Canada: Overall, Canada is marked with somewhat of a scarlet letter these days, which is: no Neteller or Skrill access (wah! ^insert crying emoticon face). Bummer, we know. There is also the issue of online gambling being a grey area and rumors of Amaya pulling Stars/FTP out of dear 'oh Canada land. So far, that hasn’t happened, but it would surely be devastating if it did. In the meantime, we can’t deny the wonders of living in Vancouver overall as a global destination: 
Vancouver is ridiculously picturesque

3) Budapest, Hungary: Random, right? We bet you didn’t see this coming. Hungary is located in eastern Europe and it’s a delightful place to live because: 
Interview with a real player who moved to Budapest for online poker: 

2) UK: Everyone knows this is a given since it’s actually one of the only countries (if not the only?) that explicitly doesn’t tax online or live gambling winnings. Players from near and far relocate to UK for this very reason. If you can afford the cost of living, it’s a great place to be. Some of the reasons for this are…

Next up, our winner! 

1) Malta: Yes, Malta, the island nation that very few people (besides poker players) could probably find on a map. This Mediterranean gem is also a gambler’s paradise. Poker is not tax-free but the good news is that taxes can be low and online gaming is explicitly regulated and legal (halle-freakin-lujah). 

Where is Malta again?

So why is Malta the winner on our list? 
Video Interview with a real player who moved to Malta for online poker: 
St. Julians skyline - Kristin Wilson photo

Runner Up: Hong Kong/Macau - 
City of Lights & Dreams - Photo: Kristin Wilson

HK is not the cheapest place to live, but if you want to be in the Asia-Pacific region, play online, live in the lap of luxury and get a piece of those high stakes live cash games that Macau is known for, Hong Kong could be the place for you.

Welcome to the pit. Macau/o - Photo: Kristin Wilson

Did we miss anything? 

Are any of these your favorite/least favorite destinations? 

Do you disagree with us? 

Sound off in the comments below! 

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