Friday, 2 January 2015

Poker Player Interview & Poker Refugees Testimonial: Mathieu K

Mathieu moves to Jacó, Costa Rica for Online Poker with Poker Refugees

Poker Name/types of games you play: 
Frenchy_pwns, play mostly mtt and sng up to $300.

Poker Refugees: What were the factors that attracted you to come to Costa Rica for online poker?  How far in advance of your relocation date did you consider making this move? 
Mathieu: Why Costa Rica: I'd done volunteer work in the country and backpacked through Central America; Costa Rica seemed the most reliable place regarding solid internet and quality of life.  Living on the beach is also pretty sweet.  

I had wanted to move abroad to play for several years and the timing was finally right so I decided to give it a try.


PR: At what point during the relocation did you choose to hire Poker Refugees and why
M: I actually was already in the process of moving to Costa Rica when I contacted Poker Refugees... I was hoping that I could do all of the necessary steps to re-activate my row accounts but I was so wrong.  Opening a bank account is basically impossible without help and the connections that Poker Refugees has.  

The entire process of getting set up literally took less than a week and was very easy, everyone that I interacted with was incredibly nice and helpful.

Everyone loves Poker Refugees!

PR: How did you find the experience with Poker Refugees regarding getting set up in your new home, with a bank account, e-wallets and back on Pokerstars compared to trying things on your own? Do you feel like getting assistance with a poker relocation is a worthwhile investment and saved you time and hassles?  
M: Definitely (same as above). Really worth it. I know because I tried with and without them. 

PR: What is a typical day in the life like for you in Jacó? 
M: My typical day (if I didn't stay out until 4am the night before) is walking a block to the bakery for some coffee and pastries, grinding a few hours, then hanging out on the beach or going out for dinner/drinks.

Don't mind if we do...

PR: Not bad! Sounds like a pretty nice routine that anyone could get used to. What are the best parts about living in Costa Rica that you have found? 
A: Living in Costa Rica is easy since people here are all really friendly and for some reason genuinely care about other people having a good time.  The cost of living is also cheaper than the States and it's never cold.

PR: That's true - Costa Rica is known for having the best climate zones in the world! Are you glad you relocated for online poker overall?  How has it been a positive life experience compared to staying in the US? 
M: I'm very happy that I relocated to play poker, there is way more money to be made on the big poker sites and living abroad is great.

PR: What advice would you give to a poker player who’s thinking of moving out of the US? 
M: If you're thinking of moving out of the US for poker, use Poker Refugees because trying to do it yourself is incredibly hard and if definitely won't save you money.

PR: Do you have any other feedback or anything to add about your experience having relocated thus far? Anything you want readers to know or any shout outs? 

Thank you Mathieu for giving Poker Refugees a try and for sharing details about your experience moving to Costa Rica for online poker