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Featured Poker Refugees Reviews of the Month: December 2015

The Poker Refugees & Sports Refugees teams have relocated over 521 professional online gambling professionals since 2011 to as many as 25 different countries. We welcome feedback and testimonials from our clients and are happy to share them with the community. Here are some Poker Refugees Testimonials collected during December, 2015!

Poker Player, Poker Refugees, Swieqi, Malta: 
Kristin was fantastic in regularly advising me on what I needed to do to relocate smoothly to Malta from the UK.

She also helped with everything I needed to organise once I had arrived in Malta, such as opening a bank account, buying a car and ensuring that I had a stable internet connection.

I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who was considering relocating to play poker in another country. -John N

Sports Bettor, Sports Refugees, Jaco, Costa Rica
Wow, what an epic 7 day journey that was! 

Six months ago I came across Poker Refugees when I was searching for ways to open multiple sports betting accounts such as (Bet365, Pinnacle, The Greek etc). I reached out to Kristin to learn more about her brand and everything she had to offer when it came to helping me get set up with hose accounts. After speaking with her briefly via email I learned that she was a relocation specialist and has helped many poker players and sports bettors relocate over the years. 

Over the next 5 months I contemplated all of the pros and cons of following my dream of being a professional sports bettor who had to live in another country. Finally after much consideration, I decided that I could not take it anymore and need to get on the sites that offered me so many more betting options than what I was getting in the US. I called Kristin back up and asked her what it would take to get me set up in Costa Rica in a week. She laughed, and said no problem. So I moved forward and joined the team.

The next 7 days was a complete whirlwind, in the sense that moving to another country that you have never been to, on 7 days notice is no joke. However, Kristin and her whole team made this process so easy on me that I feel like we have been planning this move for two years! At no point in the 7 days of my relocation did I ever feel like she wasn't in control of the situation, and knew EXACTLY what she was doing. She helped with everything from finding a condo on the beach in my price range, setting up all travel, bank account, multiple sports betting sites with a VIP no limit Skrill account, phones, drivers,and so much more. She is still here to help me with any and all questions I have in my new environment here in Costa Rica. 

I will for sure introduce Kristin to a whole group of people who I know want to live the life of a traveling sports investor, and I am confident that she will be connected to us for the years to come as we continue on our journey that we have dreamed about for so many years. 

Thank you for all you do Kristin and the whole Poker Refugee team! I don't know if it would have been possible to make this dream a reality with out all of your help. -Cheers, Pat M, Costa Rica

Poker Player, Poker Refugees, Jaco, Costa Rica
There were a few speed bumps in moving here but Kristin was dedicated and made sure that everything would be completed. It speaks volumes of someone's character when things don't go as planned and they are still able to come through. I really appreciate [Poker Refugees'] help. -John F

Poker Player, Poker Refugees, Malta:
I loved the service. Made moving here really easy for me and allowed me just to focus on poker. Kristen was so nice and helpful during every phase very helpful I chose to use Poker Refugees. -Ian 

Poker Player, Poker Refugees, Cuenca, Ecuador:
I was very pleased with the whole package.  Kristen and Cristina were both very friendly and helpful.  I would have been completely lost doing this on my own.  It is a great value for the money! -Mara P

Want to move for online poker or relocate to be a sports bettor? Then you will have your own story to tell! 

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How Phil Galfond Moved to Canada for Online Poker

April 15, 2011 is a day that has been branded into the minds of countless poker pros. On the date infamously dubbed 'Black Friday', the US Department of Justice seized the domain names of the three largest online poker sites.

This sent the online poker world into a frenzy, with many pros having to make the tough choice between moving abroad to continue playing poker or finding a new career path.

That was the choice Phil Galfond – online cash games phenomenon and video training site founder – had to make.

The Decision

One of the most famous poker pros to relocate abroad

Ultimately Galfond, a self-described 'homebody', realized the opportunity cost that was at stake and made the move to Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver was a logical choice for Galfond. It's a beautiful city of around 600,000 people (2.3 million in the greater metro area) and conveniently close to the US border.

Canada is a popular choice for many Poker Refugees clients, as our services for finding properties, opening bank accounts, and handling other logistics help make for a smooth and hassle-free transition.

It's also a very international city, boasting one of the most ethnically diverse metro areas in the world.

Galfond’s Upswing

For the poker pro who goes by the aliases 'OMGClayAiken' and 'MrSweets28' online, the change of venue turned out to be just what was needed.

Earlier that year, Galfond had struggled through one of the worst downswings of his career. After arriving in Vancouver, however, he went on a $600,000 upswing – not a bad welcoming gift.

He also surely enjoyed Canada's flexible tax laws on gambling winnings. Our Canadian team can fill you in on details about how to best approach the tax situation as a poker player.

Stress-Free Poker Abroad

Relocating to a new place can be fun and exciting. But sometimes, it also comes with a dose of stress. Getting used to a different culture, rules, and regulations can be a challenge, especially for those with limited experience living abroad.
At Poker Refugees, we go out of our way to make relocation easy and convenient for our customers. With custom orientation packages, referrals to local expat communities, and property searches from a team with 10 years of real estate experience, we simply make your life easier.

We do what we're good at, so our customers have more time to focus on what they're good at – playing poker. Once you take out the stress of relocating, the change of environment can really be invigorating.

After leaving the US, Galfond was finally able to put all the turmoil and stress of US poker laws behind him. He was able to clear his mind, get out of his slump, and focus his attention on poker, resulting in that $600,000 upswing.

Other players have been finding similar effects from moving abroad to play poker – realizing that a change of location can really help to re-sharpen their focus.

Why Move to Vancouver

Canada is often characterized as being a barren, frozen tundra of sorts, and for some parts that may be accurate. But being located near the ocean, Vancouver has one of the mildest climates in Canada.

Many find it quite nice, especially if you're not the type of person who needs 90+ degree (32+ Celsius) tropical weather year-round.

One aspect that Vancouver does share with the rest of Canada is its low crime rate. Compared to any major US city, safety issues in Vancouver are basically unheard of.

There's also a strong poker presence in the local expat community. For players who want access to live games as well, there is plenty of action to be found – both cash games and tournaments.

Although housing and apartment prices are generally pretty reasonable in Canada, it's important to remember that Vancouver is one of the more desirable cities to live in the world right now, and finding a nice apartment in the city center won't be super cheap.

However, Poker Refugees' team has over 10 years of real estate experience. In addition to helping you find the right property for you, they can assist you in negotiating prices.

If you're interested in making the move to Vancouver, you might want to learn more about Canada and the wide variety of services we offer. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to
contact us at

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Moving Abroad for Poker – Top 7 Advantages

One of the best things about playing online poker for a living is the freedom and flexibility it allows.

Tired of the long, cold winters where you live? Go hop on a plane to someplace warm and sunny.

Sick of paying $20+ for a decent meal? Head over to one of the many countries where your dollar/euro will go much, much further.

As long as you can find a decent internet connection, the world is yours. Being an online poker player is the ultimate digital nomad lifestyle.

Lower Cost of Living

Bottle of beer in Vietnam: 50 cents. A simple but clean room in Thailand: About $8 per night. Being able to live wherever you want: Priceless. Poker gives you that freedom.

Plus, unlike most other jobs, your income won't be scaled down to your location. If you're making enough to pay the bills in places like the US, Western Europe, Australia, etc., you can live like a king in many parts of the world.

Getting Back on

Governments regulate most industries, and online poker is no exception. Unfortunately, the players' interests are usually not the main priority when it comes to regulation.

Players in countries like France, Spain, and Italy end up with segregated player pools, and U.S. players can no longer play on PokerStars at all.

Moving abroad allows players to regain access to PokerStars, along with a number of other sites that are blocked in their home countries.

These additional sites can pay dividends quickly, especially with game selection becoming increasingly important.

New Rooms = New Bonuses to Clear

With the ability to play on more sites, players also have more opportunity to capitalize on the deposit bonuses being offered. Taking advantage of deposit bonuses is a great way to speed up the growth of your bankroll while surviving variance.'s bonus calculator is a great tool for planning your bonus-hunting -

You can compare all of the major sites' bonuses, see how how long they'll take to clear at your stakes, and view a lot of other useful information.

Poker Communities Abroad

For all its benefits, poker can be an isolating activity.

Anyone who plays for a living has undoubtedly gone through awkward conversations with friends and family members who just don't understand it, or assume poker players are all degenerate gamblers.

Humans are social animals; we need to interact with others who can relate and empathize with our experiences.

Thus, it's not really surprising to find that communities of grinders exist all over the globe. Entire groups of people, whose faces don't automatically glaze over when you start to talk about your 'perceived range'!

There's always players looking for an extra person to split rent with in their poker house. Even if joining a grind-house isn't for you, you can still enjoy going out and socializing with people who get the whole poker thing.

Live in a Tropical Paradise

It's also no surprise that many of the biggest poker communities have been formed in places like Thailand, the Philippines, Mexico, and Costa Rica – places with beautiful weather and amazing beaches.

Who wouldn't want to wake up to a view of the ocean every morning? You could go swimming, surfing, or deep sea diving, among other activities. Or just sit back in your hammock, sip out of your coconut, and watch the waves roll by.

Tax Benefits

Depending on your country of origin, living and working abroad may come with tax benefits, although you should always consult a licensed professional to get an opinion on your individual situation.

However, it is generally known that US citizens, for example, can earn tax-free income up to $100,800 while living abroad as of 2015 (the amount is inflation-adjusted and changes every year).

According to the IRS Website, one of the multiple ways to qualify for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion is to live outside the US for at least 330 days during any consecutive 12-month period. Remember you are also still required to declare your worldwide income with the IRS, even if it's exempt from taxation.

On the contrary, players from outside the US (especially many European poker pros) can legally change their registered tax domicile to a more poker-friendly country in most cases. Poker Refugees can refer you to tax professionals for international poker players in countries worldwide.

100% Legal Poker

The legal and regulatory environment of internet gambling has undergone some major changes in the past decade, from UIGEA to Black Friday.

The results of those changes, by and large, have been negative for online poker pros.

Luckily, most countries around the world don't see poker as a crime, nor do they see the need to regulate and segregate player pools into oblivion.

You can simply log on to PokerStars, Full Tilt, or whichever site you prefer playing on, and get your grind on. No worrying about governments blocking sites or confiscating your funds.

For help relocating for online poker quickly and easily in a new country, contact Poker Refugees today.

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10 Famous Poker Pros That Moved Abroad

We took a lot at some notable pros who moved abroad for poker, past and present.

Whether it was to get back to grinding after poker left the US, or for other reasons, these poker players all shared their experiences in blogs or interviews, inspiring others to do the same.

Issac Haxton

Destination: Malta

Considered one of the toughest NL HU players online, Isaac Haxton made the move to Malta shortly after Black Friday.

The Mediterranean Island and tax haven is synonymous with poker, with a large community of grinders, many online rooms setting up operations there, and its live poker scene including EPT and WPT events.

Katie Dozier

Destination: Mexico

Katie ‘hotjenny314’ Dozier, co-author of several poker books with husband Collin Moshman, is a 15 tabling MTT and SNG specialist and Grindettes member - a group representing successful women in poker.

Katie and Collin now enjoy by the beach in Rosarito, home to a lively community of poker players. Another reason for choosing Mexico was its proximity to Vegas for live tournaments.

Peter Eastgate

Destination: London

Due to Danish taxation laws, the 2008 WSOP Champion stood to lose around $6.6 million of his $9.1 million Main Event win.

Understandably, the 22 year old Dane relocated to a trendy suburb in London to avoid that. Gambling is legal and untaxed in the United Kingdom, including online poker.

Kevin Thurman

Destination: Canada

PokerStars Team Online’s Kevin ‘WizardOfAhhs’ Thurman is a multiple time Supernova Elite, CAP games specialist and training site founder.

He made several video blogs about making the move to Canada to get back online, including showing his baller three story pad by Lake Okanagan, British Columbia.

Grayson Physioc

Destination: Costa Rica

High stakes SNG specialist and coach Grayson 'spacegravy' Physioc was the first noted poker pro to move to Costa Rica and also Poker Refugees first client. He set up a poker training centre in the Central Valley, blogging his journey. 

He even lived in Costa Rica for a while several years prior to Black Friday - Costa Rica is a popular spot for entrepreneurs, with a westernized culture and partial exemptions on income taxes.

Katie Stone

Destination: Mexico

Another member of the Grindettes quartet, we interviewed Katie back in 2013. Like Katie Dozier, she’s a tournament grinder and lives by the ocean in sunny Rosarito.

She told us she feels safer as an expat in Mexico than she did living in a gated community in Las Vegas, and that her monthly expenses in the beachfront villa she shares with other poker players are under $1k.

Justin Bonomo

Destination: Malta

Online phenomenon Justin ‘ZeeJustinBonomo moved to Malta to join Isaac Haxton and Steve O’Dwyer, a few months after Black Friday.

Bonomo said in interviews that he found it difficult to adapt to live poker, finding it slow and less profitable than online.

Brian Hastings

Destination: Canada

Ex Full Tilt Red Pro and Cardrunners coach Brian Hastings is a HU crusher, known for his $4.2 million win over Isildur1 - the largest amount won in a single day online - and three WSOP bracelets.

Like Phil Galfond, Hastings picked Vancouver as his new outpost for online poker, a popular spot with a high standard of living, cultural diversity and cleanliness - the mayor plans on making it the greenest city in the world by 2020.

Daniel Cates

Destination: London

Daniel ‘jungleman12’ Cates began looking to move abroad after Full Tilt left the US market, locking up around 80% of his $7 million bankroll with it.

After being denied entry to Canada due to problems with his visa (should’ve called PokerRefugees!) the 25 year old Maryland native now resides in the UK.

Maria Ho

Destination: Canada

Maria Ho moved to the US from Taiwan at the age of four, but now calls Canada home, having moved to Vancouver from Las Vegas. Along the way she’s amassed over $2.6 million in gross tournament earnings and starred in CBS show The Amazing Race.

Vancouver was a perfect pic being close to Vegas and on the West Coast. It's also Poker Refugees' #1 destination in Canada. Since relocating she’s been grinding on PokerStars a lot more as ‘Femmeonfelt’, including a recent win in the Sunday 500.

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Poker Refugees Reviews

"I saved a ton of time and money by using Poker Refugees. I would absolutely recommend them to a friend or use them again should the need ever arise. Kristin and her staff were great and answered all of my questions promptly. Using Poker Refugees definitely eases the stress that comes with moving to an unfamiliar country."
-Anonymous poker player & Poker Refugees client, Costa Rica

With no idea where to begin, Poker Refugees made moving to a foreign country seem like something I have done several times before. Poker Refugees ensured a seamless transition so I could focus solely on studying and grinding, saving me an extreme amount of time. Simply put, they are awesome. 
-Anonymous poker player & Poker Refugees client, Canada

Real reviews from real players who are probably doing this right now...

We know that customers like to shop around and research before they buy - whether that purchase is a nice dinner out, a new laptop or simply a cup of coffee. Heck, that's why Yelp, FourSquare, UrbanSpoon, TripAdvisor etc are all so popular. Everyone depends on reading reviews and leaving them to make the world a better place these days, to help make informed decisions on what you buy and help others do the same.

As one player says:

"Getting second opinions and talking to other poker players is always a good idea but for a solid foundation and hassle free time Poker Refugees is the way to go. anything you want or need will be taken care of for you in the fastest way possible."
-Animalettiere, TwoPlusTwo

We know our players are busy playing poker for a million hours a day, but we do ask them to leave reviews to share with other poker players. We really appreciate their time writing a review because it helps others who may be in the same boat. 

Many of our reviews are left in anonymous customer feedback surveys. We make our surveys anonymous because we truly want to know what players think and keep improving our services every day. We don't want to pressure players to leave reviews or put them on the spot, so we give them the option to leave one or not in the surveys. 

Below are a few testimonials collected over the past year that we hope can help other players out there understand what the Poker Refugees relocation service is like and the many ways we try to help players! 

We know that all poker players have a choice of whether they relocate on their own or with our help, and we want to make that decision an easy one. 

We have all the reviews listed by city and country when the information was available. There are also more public Poker Refugees reviews on TwoPlusTwo, here and throughout the forums. 


Alex Johanek, Central Valley, Costa Rica: 
”Kristin was very helpful when it came to relocating to Costa Rica.  I did part of the process on my own and it wasn't easy.  I really appreciated how much of the typical "Costa Rican run-around" I was able to avoid by using her services.  She also saved me a lot of money on my cashouts by setting me up with Skrill and Neteller accounts."

Todd Piotrowski, Tamarindo, Costa Rica: 
Woohoo! Thank you so much kristen for your endless hard work! We are so impressed with your team in Costa Rica, you made this move so easy, I could not imagine trying to do all that work myself. Thanks to you and your team, I had my bank account opened and all the proper documents to stars and tilt as well as playing online within 48 hours of my arrival! Your services are priceless, you have an amazing work ethic, well worth every cent that you charge for the complete relocation service! The rental property could not be better! I did not have a single hassle during the entire process nor do I have a single complaint! you have a great team, you have a very impressive honest hustle going on!...I am impressed. I can only imagine the work going on behind the scenes!...I would never have wanted to do this without your help. TIME FOR SCOOP! 

Face Stealer (PokerStars), Escazu, Costa Rica: 
Poker Refugees is a great service that I would recommend to any Poker player looking to relocate to an unfamiliar country.  They cater to saving their clients the headache, and (most importantly) the time it takes to get set up and back on the grind.   Super easy to work with and extremely convenient.

Matthew Haugen, Windosr, Canada: 
I was on a time crunch and Poker Refugees came through for me. They made the process easy and answered all of my questions. Great service.

Sasha Barrese, London, UK: 
Poker Refugees is a fantastic all in one service and resource for relocation, they exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Kristin is smart, reliable, a pleasure to work with and gets the job done expeditiously...Kristin understands how important it is to get online as soon as you have relocated. She made sure we were up and running on the various platforms by the first night in our new home.  There is NO WAY I would have been able figure all this stuff out on my own without losing weeks if not months of playing time. Poker Refugees is a valuable resource for all players - there is no point trying to do all the hard work on your own because Poker Refugees rates are affordable. Working with them feels like family :)

Nick Coats, Rosarito, Mexico: 
Poker Refugees was very helpful and made our first move out of the country much easier. Zoila was knowledgable about our city and Kristin was very attentive at every step in our relocation. Without this team, I do not think I would have ever been able to move my girlfriend and our dog out of the US, as they made moving to Mexico much easier then I could have ever expected

Nick Desmedt, Windsor, Canada: 
“Poker Refugees made my relocation easier and faster than I ever could have made it on my own. I found an out-of-this-world cheap room for rent.”- Nick Desmedt

Lemagnif (PokerStars), Montreal (2013) & Playa del Carmen (2014):
I used poker refugees to relocate from Florida to Montreal. I've been up here since Aug 2013 and without her help the transition definitely would have been more arduous. Kristin helped set up a Canadian bank account, Skrill account, and all the documents that i would need to send to Pokerstars so that I could start playing again. [In 2014, I moved from Canada to Playa del Carmen, Mexico.] Together with Kristin I was able to find a really great apartment for me and my dog that was conveniently located and in a safe neighborhood. Highly recommend to anyone who is considering relocation 

James Romero, San Jose, Costa Rica:  
Everything is great, thank you so much for help. You crush this stuff 

Alex Sokolovsky, Malta: 
I used Poker Refugees services to move from Israel to Malta, luckily for me Kristin was there at the same time.  She helped me tremendously, my relocation went through really smoothly and I had everything set up pretty much instantly.  Although she is one person handling many players cases at same time she was always there to help for any need or request I had.

Seth LaFountain, Rosarito, Mexico: 
I moved down to Rosarito on my own in November 2014. Everything was going great until I won a decent sized tournament on stars. Now they wanted me to verify my account. This process took almost a month and didn't even reach any significant conclusion. They wanted documents that I could not provide them (utility bills in my name, bank statements from down here). The reason I didn't have those two things was everything was still in my landlord's name and banks were turning me away saying I wasn't approved. I had no idea what their basis on that judgement was. Anyways, after a month, I heard about Poker Refugees Service and contacted them explaining my concerns. Kristin was able to help me get set up in a super easy and efficient manner. I think everything basically happened over the course of no more than two days. Now I'm verified on Stars, set up with eWallet services, and have a bank account down here to handle all my transfers. Thank you Poker Refugees!

Brian Pinkus, Vancouver, Canada: 
Just wanted to post a few thoughts about my recent move to Vancouver and to thank Poker Refugees for their help. After having a good WSOP I was bummed that I would likely be spending another year without online poker. Last year I missed online poker so much that I even logged into the play money tables just to see what it looked like and to see if my account was even still there. After logging in I was sad to see that my avatar was gone ;-(

With the prospects for legislation dwindling yet again I suddenly realized I needed to get off this merry-go-round. Feeling the need to finally take the issue into my own hands I started doing some research, but after reading through several threads I was even more confused. Thankfully one of the threads talked about a company called Poker Refugees.

The next day I was able to get Kristin from Poker Refugees on the phone. She was the first person that seemed to really be knowledgeable about the entire process. In addition unlike some of the threads, her general approach was "tell the truth". I wasn't about to go to a foreign country and lie to government officials as some suggested. Shortly after our conversation we set the date for my move. With Kristin's guidance she made the entire process truly effortless.

I can't explain the feeling that I had this weekend as I logged in for the first time and up popped my old avatar!!! I felt truly blessed sitting at my new desk playing WCOOP while watching boats in the harbor. Obviously my choice isn't for everyone, but for me I just decided to stop waiting for someone else to do something about it. I feel as if a friend has returned that I haven't seen in years. Lastly, if you can't tell by now I'm extremely grateful to Kristin for the hard work that she put into my move. I'm really rooting for her to do well given how far above and beyond she went in helping to process my move. If you are looking for help I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Poker Refugees!

Matt Watkins, Playas del Coco, Costa Rica: 
You’ve done a wonderful job, and if i am able to return i will be sure to contact you.

SlickDonkey, San Jose, Costa Rica, TwoPlusTwo Forum Review: 
Hey, I just wanted to give another excellent review to Kristin and the whole PokerRefugees gang. I just did a relocation to Costa Rica with the primary purpose of opening a bank account. After I did my own research, I realized how difficult it is to open an account there and that is when I found out about PokerRefugees. I also heard bad stories of people dealing with the realtors down there. 

With Poker Refugees I saved an abundance of time on both the bank account and housing aspect of my trip. It may not have even been feasible to open a bank account there on my own without their service. I also had no headaches when it came to finding a lease or any anxiety that I could get scammed.

Kristin was extremely thorough with handling my situation and literally every small detail  of the trip was outlined. This even included the best places to eat, bars, entertainment, etc, pertaining to my location. 

I was picked up at the airport by their driver, Minor. He was a great guy and even took me grocery shopping before dropping me off at my apartment. The next day, [a Poker Refugees rep] took me to the bank with all the necessary documents and I had an account opened in literally 30-45 minutes. He then took me to the nearby mall where I was able to purchase a backup internet stick and a cell phone with the help of his translation. So I had all this accomplished within a day of arrival. I also was able to get my Skrill and Neteller running again and with instant VIP status on both thanks to Kristin's reference.

Again, the whole process is totally smooth and painless. I had a few doubts going in, but my expectations were exceeded and was very happy with the service.



Anonymous, Canada: 
You guys were great. Even with all the travelling and moving around I was impressed with your response times effort. I don't know how you keep the hours you do but I was impressed. And not only do you offer great service but you obviously have the connections to get through to the gatekeepers. I wasn't expecting that but I felt like I got the VIP treatment. I appreciate all the hard work. I will leave more of a testimonial on the other link but just wanted to convey my gratitude here. Thanks!!!

Anonymous, Costa Rica: 
I saved a ton of time and money by using Poker Refugees. I would absolutely recommend them to a friend or use them again should the need ever arise. Kristin and her staff were great and answered all of my questions promptly. Using Poker Refugees definitely eases the stress that comes with moving to an unfamiliar country.

Anonymous, Costa Rica: 
I had a good experience. The internet was shaky at first before getting fixed, but I was expecting such hassles and it was very comforting knowing Kristin would be there to assist me with any troubles. The price is expensive but not overly so. I'd say it's well worth the money. 

Anonymous, Mexico: 
I really appreciated Poker Refugees helping me set up my bank accounts, Neteller and Skrill accounts the first day so I could be up and running by my second day here.  Kristin made me feel welcome to the city and gave me advice about restaurants, how to interact with the locals, and what I could do to speak better Spanish.  It wasn't only a poker relocation.  It was a CULTURE relocation.  Me gusta Kristin mucho!

Anonymous, Canada: 
With no idea where to begin, Poker Refugees made moving to a foreign country seem like something I have done several times before. Poker Refugees ensured a seamless transition so I could focus solely on studying and grinding, saving me an extreme amount of time. Simply put, they are awesome. 

Anonymous, Costa Rica: 
Hugely appreciative of Poker Refugees services!

Anonymous, Costa Rica: 
Had very high expectations going in, and they were exceeded.  Thanks a ton!

Anonymous, Costa Rica: 
Kristin and her team are awesome. There is no way I could have done this without Poker Refugees. There are so many moving parts to getting relocated and set up to play poker. Poker Refugees handles it all. I was playing the next morning after arriving. 

Anonymous, Costa Rica: 
I am so glad I hired your services!

Anonymous, Mexico: 
Amazing service, glad you're there to help 

Anonymous, Costa Rica: 
I saved a ton of time and money by using Poker Refugees. I would absolutely recommend them to a friend or use them again should the need ever arise. Kristin and her staff were great and answered all of my questions promptly. Using Poker Refugees definitely eases the stress that comes with moving to an unfamiliar country.

Anonymous, Canada: 
I greatly appreciated the assistance with relocating. While I probably could have found a property on my own (though not as effectively), getting the necessary paperwork together for the bank and poker sites was a huge time saver. 

Anonymous, Mexico: 
Poker Refugees made my move to Mexico seem almost seamless when it was a very big life transition for me to make. Kristin took care of the most important aspects of relocation which were property rental, banks for activation, and coordinating everything to make sure I was back and playing in no time! I arrived at night and the next morning I was already approved on all the sites I needed. I could not have done this without Poker Refugees and I thank Kristin and the team so much! I will definitely be contacting them if I ever decide to move again!

Anonymous, UK: 
You guys are perfect. You exceeded all my expectations. 


Whenever we are having a challenging day, we just read some of these testimonials to remind ourselves why we work so hard! 

Thank you to all the players (anonymous and otherwise) out there who have shared your genuine opinions on the Poker Refugees relocation service. We appreciate your time! 

Want help relocating yourself? Drop us a line here. 

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