Poker Refugees Announces Winner of the Free Relocation Giveaway

Congratulations to Brady 'BAustinMC' Austin from Mill Creek, Washington, the long-awaited winner of the FREE RELOCATION GIVEAWAY!

Since we notified Brady of his selection as the winner of the free giveaway, he has been on the road a lot traveling with family & friends and busy playing live poker. We finally got ahold of him to learn more about him, his plans for moving to play online and for him to officially accept the prize. 

Meet Brady:

He originally heard about the Free Relocation Giveaway through friends, and is looking to relocate with them to a place that's close to the border of the US - either Vancouver or Mexico. 

Since Black Friday, Brady has only been playing poker part-time, mostly live tournaments within the United States. He has many online poker friends who have been living in places like Thailand, Singapore, Mexico and Panama

He has been fortunate to visit his friends in other countries and travel to such places like: Phuket, Macau's live poker scene, Panama City for LAPT, and the Bahamas for PCA. 

Brady says, "...My most of all favorite was The Bahamas for the PCA where my lifelong friend and famous online grinder Joel "JMPRODIGY" Micka placed 2nd in the Main Event for 1.2 million dollars. We can been see in the TV episodes drinking and getting pretty rowdy on the rail!" 

Brady and Friends at PCA 2013

In his normal, day-to-day life he notes "When i'm not traveling or playing live poker I run a mattress company part time in the Seattle area where I have around 10 stores I operate at the moment."

"I played mid stakes 9man SNG's on FTP and RUSH POKER and it's good to hear I'll hopefully been getting the money I had in my account they owe me in the next couple months. I don't see myself getting back on FTP [rather] just sticking with Pokerstars where I'll play mid stakes MTT's and Sunday Majors, but mainly focus on ZOOM poker."

Brady says he's "definitely relocating" for online poker but doesn't know an exact time yet of when he'll be able to. 

"I'm waiting on my friends who are currently playing and living in abroad in Australia to see where they are trying to move next which is probably gonna be Canada but could also be Mexico or Costa Rica." 

Canada, Costa Rica and Mexico are all Poker Refugees Destinations so we look forward to helping him with his journey back to online poker when the time comes!

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