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Player Interview: Mazin Khoury, Canada

Mazin Khoury, also known as @msauce_ on Twitter and msauce on 2+2 is now a veteran of the poker expatriate community. Mazin first moved offshore in July 2011 and currently calls downtown Vancouver home. He's known by his friends for bubbling a lot of final tables.

Hometown: Durham, North Carolina

Current location: Vancouver, Canada

Years playing online poker & how you started: About 4. I started with play chips on FTP in 2007

Types of games/stakes played: Mid-high stakes NL 6max + some tournaments

What are all the places have you lived since Black Friday? Toronto, CA; Escazu, Costa Rica; Vancouver, CA

What is your favorite destination so far and why? Vancouver; it's great

How many months after Black Friday did you decide to move? 1 month; I went to Vegas for WSOP then up to Toronto where I lived with a roommate [also a poker player]

Poker News talks to Mazin going into Day 6 of WSOP 2012

What was the hardest part about your decision to move? Was an easy decision for me but everyone has a different situation

How many times has Poker Refugees helped you change locations? Twice

How long did it take you to get set up the first time and how has your experience been in subsequent moves – easier, do you feel more comfortable now? It took me about a week to get setup in Toronto, would've been a lot longer but my friend had already gone through the process with Stars and helped me with everything. Costa Rica and Vancouver were about the same; Poker Refugees helped with the rental property, bank accounts and getting my security deposits back from shady landlords. 

Do you play exclusively on Stars or which other sites do you like? Mostly Stars. Rarely FTP, 888, Party.

You’ve won a few seats and packages in satellites on Pokerstars; what was your favorite Pokerstars tournament event experience in the past few years? I’ve only been to EPT Barcelona and the PCA. Both were fun. I cashed the PCA so I guess that one.

On the way to Day 4 or 5 of PCA 2013

Snacking on fruit at WSOP 2013

Who has better food - Barcelona or Atlantis? 
Easily Barcelona 

What do you do when you're not playing poker? 
Web development

Any advice to players looking to move abroad? 
It's hard to say because everyone has a different situation and should make their own decision. 

Thanks Mazin and gl out there!

Watch Mazin & Marco discuss some (ahem) serious topics 

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