Packing Up to Play Poker: Pokernews shares our opinion on top poker destinations

Our friends at Pokernews are some of the leaders in the, well, poker news industry and they have their proverbial thumb on the pulse of what's important and relevant to poker players.

Here is a list of destinations from their series: "Packing up to Play Poker". These are also destinations that Poker Refugees serves (how convenient!):

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Tijuana (Rosarito), Mexico


Toronto, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Poker Refugees takes care of all your needs in moving to one of these destinations, as Pokernews highlights - poker players' top priorities are:

Finding a Place to Stay

Getting Around

Visa Issues

Getting Good Internet

Sites to See and Places to Go



In addition, we would add: Banking + Food, drink and delivery options as poker player priorities.

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